Thursday, 17 March 2016

Week 3   10 March

On arrival, the children added the composting materials they had collected to the compost heap. After enjoying healthy snacks and drinks, they were divided into their groups.
Due to running out of time at previous sessions we decided not to do the planned treasure hunt game and concentrate on gardening activities. These were:
  1. Preparing and planting up the 'square foot garden'. The children were introduced to the square foot garden. After choosing their plot, they prepared the soil by raking and adding compost, and transplanted coriander and rocket seedlings and onion sets. 
  2. Sowing peas (for salad pea spouts). The peas had been soaked overnight to aid germination. The peas were sown in large plantpots filled with compost. 
  3. Gathering coriander leaves for today's recipe (Chickpea Balti and Indian flatbread).

The children were very engaged with the activities and we found ourselves running out of time again. We had also decided to set off earlier for the cookery session, as each week it has run over, and more time is needed. 

The cookery session went very well...

Followed by a game....

The children were able to take away Chickpea Balti and flatbreads they had helped to prepare and make...

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