Thursday, 19 May 2016

Week 10 (week 5 of new group)

Final session today. After some fruit and drinks, we had a look at some of the excellent results that have come from the children's (and parents) efforts and hard work.
This is the square foot garden that group 1 planted in week 2. The rocket has really taken over.
And the one more recently planted by group 2. The runner beans have grown quickly.

There were a couple of jobs to complete, including planting the remaining artichokes and another row of peas

Digging out the pea trench 

Another job was to remove the flowers from the kale plants. This delays them going to seed and will encourage leaf growth and extend the harvest.
Taking part in the end-of-project evaluation
Then it was time for fun and games....


...followed by the barbecue..
Preparing a side salad from freshly-harvested salad leaves 
Barbecuing.....veggie burgers

That's it! The project is over! It has been a great success and enjoyed by all. Thanks to all who have been involved. Perhaps there'll be this space!


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