Thursday, 28 April 2016

Week 6 (week 1 of new group)

A new set of thirteen children, plus families, arrived for their first session. After enjoying the healthy snacks and juices provided, the project was briefly explained, together with health and safety rules. The children were introduced to the team leaders.
Heather introduces the first activity
The first activity was a 'game' or treasure hunt (as in the first week with the first group). The children were divided into two groups, each group was given a set of flags denoting the various vegetables and plants around the garden. The task was to stick the flags next to the corresponding veg/plant. This was done fairly easily, and provided a useful introduction to the garden. 

Activities that followed were: sowing mustard and cress seeds onto tissue paper in trays:

radish seeds in compost:

                                                                       That's it, all give them a drink

and a 'hands-on' introduction to composting (a range of compostable and non-compostable materials had been brought in for the children to sort):


Afterwards, potatoes were collected from storage and leeks harvested for today's cookery recipes (leek and potato soup and bread rolls).

Here is the cookery session (leek and potato soup and bread rolls):


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