Friday, 29 April 2016

Week 7 (Week 2 of new group)

Today was sunny, and relatively warm. A good opportunity for some outdoor work. Activities were: planting potatoes, starting a new square foot garden and harvesting veg and herbs for the cookery session. 

Here is the first group's square foot garden, showing healthy growth...
...and the new one, just planted up
The radishes we sowed last week are already beginning to grow

 The peas planted a few weeks earlier are doing well and ready to pick as salad shoots

Broad beans, sown in March

 The cookery session: today's recipes: 

 Here we are, preparing, mixing, chopping, tying:

Scooping out the potato for the mash

Tied green beans. Requires lots of skill - and patience

Making Potato and Celeriac Mash
                                                                                               There - mine's completed

That was a great session! We are expecting the Border TV film crew next week. Hope the weather stays good.

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