Friday, 29 April 2016

Week 8 (Week 3 of new group)

           Fruit and drinks to start with

Much excitement today - visit of Border TV film crew. The weather wasn't on our side today unfortunately - heavy showers, sleet some of the time. But that didn't deter the hardy gardeners from outdoor tasks such as pulling up and clearing the old brassicas, sowing peas, digging up artichokes and picking herbs.

Tarragon, to flavour the pizzas (today's recipe)
In the polytunnel, there was also a clearance operation, as the purple sprouting broccoli and kale plants had grown very large: they had gone to seed and were in the way. Pulling up these big plants, some of which looked like small trees, was a tough job, especially for little people, but the ground is now clear for replanting. Well done gardeners. This activity was filmed, not sure what it will look like on TV, we are looking forward to finding out! We also potted up some strawberry plants that had self seeded in the bed, and the children took these home with them at the end. They are vigorous, healthy plants which should yield some fruit in a few weeks. Don't forget to water them! Meanwhile, another group sowed courgette and pumpkin seeds into small pots. 

There was an interesting range of activities today, despite the rain, and some good shots for the TV camera crew. 

After the garden session, the children and families were filmed as they made their way to the Methodist Hall for the cookery session. Looking forward to seeing this on the local Border news programme. At the cookery session, the children made pizzas: this involved making passata tomato sauce for the pizza, rolling out the dough, and decorating with jerusalem artichokes and herbs from the garden.

                                        TV crew at the cookery session >



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